About Zorbing

What is zorbing?

Zorbing WalesZorbing is a fantastic, exciting, thrill filled experience unlike anything you’ve done before!!

Two ‘zorbonauts’ are  strapped into the transparent, plastic, air filled ball facing each other and then rolled, or ‘zorbed’ down our 100m downhill run reaching speeds  of up to 35kph.

The zorbonauts face each other and can see their fellow zorbonaut laughing and screaming as they bounce down the run with the outside world spinning around them. It is a crazy, exhilarating, adrenaline filled experience that will have you coming back for more!

What is the minimum age?

For our harnessed zorbing the age limit is 12 and over. Children under the age of 16 need parental consent.

What should I wear?

For zorbing you should wear comfortable clothing, preferably with a top that covers your shoulders as you will be wearing a harness. You will have to take your shoes of before getting into the ball so on a wet day a spare pair of socks would be advisable!

Are there any weather restrictions?

We do the zorbing in any weather conditions, the exception being if there is a strong northerly wind and in this case zorbing may be cancelled  with no or little advanced notice. If you have any concerns about the weather please call us on the day on 01437 710360.

What are the restrictions?

Height: over 1.40m tall (approx. 4’7″) – Weight: between 35kg (approx. 5st 7lb) and 95kg (approx. 15st). You will not be allowed to participate if you:

  • Are pregnant
  • Suffer from epilepsy
  • Are under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Suffer for high blood pressure or heart problems

Group Holidays

We can cater for group holidays in Pembrokeshire (up to 30 people – adults and children) which includes all accommodation and activities such as packages with the Zorbing and Segway Racing, along with Beach Riding and Trekking. Ideal for hen and stag weekends! See the Group Holidays page at Nolton Stables for more details.






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Zorbing Video

CLICK HERE, to watch the Downhill Revolution "Big Ball of West Wales" in action